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ivoci - Poqun 破裙 = Chinese Broken Skirt ? - 1

When first hearing the name “broken skirt”, many people are confused, did ancient people wear “broken” skirts?

Poqun is not a broken skirt, but a piece of skirt that is spliced, and is also one of the wisdom of ancient people.

Poqun (Chinese: 破裙 ; pinyin: pò qún) is made of an even number of strips of this fabric, usually 4-12, and then increased to 32, sewn together lengthwise to create a skirt that is wider at the bottom than the top.

Poquns with alternating colors is very common.

It is said that wearing a poqun makes the body look slimmer.

Poqun was popular from the Wei and Jin dynasties to the Tang dynasty.

1. Poqun cutting

Each skirt piece is cut like a long trapezoid, which can be connected to a skirt by splicing some fabric, the top is thinner and the bottom wider.

Today, most pieces of cloth for poqun are even, there are even twenty-four pieces.

2. History

Wei and Jin dynasties

Poqun was often worn by women during the Wei and Jin dynasties, generally with a secondary color, that is, the color of each piece of cloth is different, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Tang dynasty

After the Tang dynasty, the poqun became very popular and was often worn on the chest and was a skirt in the qixiong ruqun.

Song dynasty

During the Song dynasty, there were also four-ribbed skirts and three-ribbed skirts, which are a bit like our fishtail skirts today.

3. How to match poqun

Jin dynasty

ivoci - Poqun 破裙 = Chinese Broken Skirt ? - 2

Poqun from the Jin dynasty can be matched with ru and banbi.

When paired with ru, it conveys a lighter feeling, like the famous people of the Wei and Jin dynasties.

Tang dynasty

ivoci - Poqun 破裙 = Chinese Broken Skirt ? - 3

Poqun was very popular in the Tang dynasty.

We can see from some of the pottery statues found in the Tang dynasty that used poqun.

Poqun can be paired with qixiong ruqun and tanling ruqun.

Song dynasty

The three-four-fold poqun is a skirt found in the Song dynasty, and its style is very similar to the clothes we wear today.

Whether it is paired with a long shirt or beizi, which can show the beauty of the girl’s figure.

4. Makeup for poqun

Even though these three dynasties wore the same poqun, they carried completely different feelings.

Jin dynasty

Jin was originally a dynasty with eternal colors. Taoism flourished during this period, so we can see that a lot of women’s makeup looks very timeless.

An elegant impression is used when poqun is paired with ru. Both hairstyle and makeup tend to be minimalistic, and the color of her clothes is mostly monotonous, which has a “heroine” feel to it.

Tang dynasty

Tang dynasty makeup naturally tends to be more intense, so poqun with secondary color elements and poqun with monochromatic flowers can choose restored Tang makeup.

Dunhuang style tanling collar makeup is even more varied. Remember to pay attention to eye makeup color, give people a “flying fairy” beauty.

Song dynasty

The Song dynasty style tends to be elegant.

Like a four-fold and three-fold skirt, it is one color, and other colors are rarely seen.

And some light makeup in a classic style is also very suitable.

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