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ivoci - What Is Ruqun Hanfu? - 1

Ruqun (Chinese: 襦裙 ; pinyin: rú qún) is a set of Hanfu consisting of a short jacket usually called ru (Chinese: 襦 ; pinyin: rú ) worn over the top and a skirt called qun (Chinese: 裙 ; Pinyin: qún).

ivoci - What Is Ruqun Hanfu? - 2

The word ‘ru’ is sometimes used as a synonym for other clothing items such as shan (Chinese: 衫 ; pinyin: shān) and ao (Chinese: 袄 ; pinyin: ǎo).

Ru can be a short jacket (top shirt) with short or long sleeves.

Ruqun can broadly describe a set of clothing consisting of a separate upper garment with a draped lower skirt.

Forms of clothing with tops and bottoms are usually called shang yi xia chang (Chinese: 上衣下裳 ; pinyin: shàng yī xià cháng).

Shang yi (Chinese: 上衣 ; pinyin: shàng yī) means “top garment” and xia chang (Chinese: 下裳 ; pinyin: xià cháng) means “bottom garment”.

As a set of clothing, ruqun can be worn by both men and women but is more often worn by women.

Ruqun is the traditional Hanfu for Han Chinese women.

Ruqun appeared during the Warring States Period and was often worn by women until the end of the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty.

According to the model of the collar, ruqun can be divided into:

1. Jiaoling ruqun (Chinese: 交领襦裙 ; pinyin: jiāo lǐng rú qún) – Ruqun with cross collar
2. Dui-jin ruqun (Chinese: 对襟襦裙 ; pinyin: duì jīn rú qún) – Ruqun with straight collar
3. Tanling ruqun (Chinese: 坦领襦裙 ; pinyin: tǎn lǐng rú qún) – Ruqun with U-shaped collar

According to the position of the waist of the, ruqun can be divided into:

1. Zhongyao ruqun (Chinese: 中腰襦裙 ; pinyin: zhōng yāo rú qún) – Middle-waist ruqun
2. Gaoyao ruqun (Chinese: 高腰襦裙 ; pinyin: gāo yāo rú qún) – High-waist ruqun
3. Qixiong ruqun (Chinese: 齐胸襦裙 ; pinyin: qí xiōng rú qún) – Chest ruqun

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