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Chinese Hairpin: Ji 笄, Zan 簪, Chai 钗, Buyao 步摇

Talking about Chinese Hanfu accessories, there are many types. We will start with 4 types of hairpins that often make people confused:

Ji (笄 jī) – the simplest hairpin to secure the hairdo used by the ancient Chinese.

Zan (簪 zān) – a more complex version of Ji.

Chai (钗 chāi) – a hairpin very similar to a Zan. The difference is Chai has double pins.

Buyao (步摇 bù yáo) – Buyao’s most important feature is that it sways when people walk.

Besides Ji, Zan, Chai, and Buyao, there are many traditional hair accessories in ancient China, including flower crown, phoenix crown, Huasheng (华胜), Shubi (梳篦), and others.

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