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ivoci - Zhongku 中裤, Chinese Hanfu Pants - 1

Zhongku (Chinese: 中裤 ; pinyin: zhōng kù) are pants that are worn inside.

Zhong (中) means middle/inner, and Ku (裤) means pants.

Zhongku can also be used as home clothes and pajamas.

Common types of Zhongku fabrics are cotton, linen cotton, chiffon, and others.

The color of Zhongku is usually white.

Zhongku is often combined with Zhongyi, for example, men wear Zhongyi and Zhongku, which can be matched with outerwear such as daopao and zhiduo.

Although women’s clothing in hanfu is mostly with a skirt, they can also wear Zhongku and then wear a skirt outside.

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