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Zhongyi (Chinese: 中衣 ; pinyin: zhōng yī), also known as liyi (Chinese: 里衣 ; pinyin: lǐ yī), is worn outside the underwear and inside the outerwear (中 means middle), and its role is similar to a shirt in modern clothing, which can be used to match and complement.

ivoci - Zhongyi 中衣, Chinese Hanfu Shirt - 1

Zhongyi cannot be worn outside, and apart from acting as a shirt, it can also be used as home clothes and pajamas.

The common types of Zhongyi fabrics are cotton, linen cotton, chiffon, and others.

In addition to the white colored Zhongyi that is most commonly used, women can also choose a colored Zhongyi that matches their ruqun, such as bright green, soft yellow, peach, purple or gray.

Because Zhongyi fits better than outerwear, the collar edge is slightly higher than outerwear, so wearing outerwear often reveals a bit of Zhongyi collar.

For the convenience of movement and beauty, the sleeves of the Zhongyi are often shorter than outerwear, and the sleeve type of Zhongyi worn with everyday wear is mostly arrow sleeves or straight sleeves, while the wide sleeves Zhongyi is worn with formal clothing.

Zhongyi based on the shape of the sleeves, there are:

1. Zhongyi with narrow sleeves

This Zhongyi has narrow sleeves, mostly white. The narrow-sleeved Zhongyi is usually worn with everyday clothes.

2. Zhongyi with wide sleeves

This Zhongyi has wide sleeves, mostly white. Often paired with formal clothing.

Although Zhongyi form is simple, Zhongyi is a very important part of the traditional Chinese clothing system.

Many types of hanfu require support from Zhongyi to complete.

ivoci - Zhongyi 中衣, Chinese Hanfu Shirt - 2

Zhongyi with jiaoling youren (cross) collar

ivoci - Zhongyi 中衣, Chinese Hanfu Shirt - 3

Zhongyi with yuanling (round) collar

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