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ivoci-Ancient China Face Veil Hat-2

Mili and Weimao are ancient China face veil hats.

Mili (羃䍦 ; mì lí)

Based on the literature and analysis of physical data, Mili has four characteristics:

1. Hats and scarves are soft and light two parts of synthesis.

2. Large areas, from top to bottom through the body, can cover the face and most of the body.

3. See-through, riding a horse can see in front of a clear view and can be opened by hand.

4. Can be decorated with patterns or ornaments.

Weimao (帷帽 ; wéi mào)

Characteristics of Weimao:

1. Short, light, and only up to the neck/shoulder in length.

2. See-through, and can be opened by hand.

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