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Ming & Qing Dynasties Cloud-Shoulder, Yunjian 云肩

Ming and Qing dynasties girls wore a cloud on their shoulders?

Yunjian 云肩 (Cloud-Shoulder)

Yunjian generally consists of four cloud-shaped embroidered pieces around the center of the circle.

In addition, there are lotus styles, willow leaf styles, etc.

Yunjian was originally only used to protect the cleanliness of the neckline and shoulders, and then gradually developed into a kind of decoration.

Each embroidery piece can be embroidered with patterns of various dramas, myths, flowers, birds, fish, insects, etc.

Yunjian can also be decorated with pearl and jade tassels.

In the Ming and Qing dynasties, yunjian was very popular.

In the Qing Dynasty, there was also a “two-in-one” style of yunjian clothes.

Now, modern yunjian began to be used for modern hanfu decoration.

However, sometimes yunjian is combined with some modern elements.

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