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Ancient China Women’s Token of Love

For a woman, a scented sachet or Xiangnang (Chinese: 香囊 ; pinyin: xiāng náng) is a necessary accessory in life.

Women are more flexible in using sachets and it is better to use them to show their feminine charm and emotions.

If a woman wears a sachet on her skirt or belt, it is believed that she will look more elegant.

Sometimes, they would hang the sachet on their chest or under their arm according to the style and color of the clothes they wore.

Xiangnang (scented sachets) were also essential items for ancient Chinese women to express their feelings.

When a woman likes a man, she will embroider a sachet and give it as a way to express her feelings.

This is a true reflection of the way women expressed their feelings in ancient times.

This was done because women at that time usually did not express their feelings frankly, and because sachets were personal items, so they became one of the best signs of love.

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