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Dynasties In China & Their Traditional Clothing Styles

Hanfu (Chinese: 汉服 ; pinyin: hàn fú) is traditional Chinese clothing that has been around for more than 4,000 years.

Each dynasty produced its distinctive style of dress, reflecting the socio-cultural environment of the time.

Hanfu has changed and evolved with the fashion of the days since its beginnings which are generally assumed to be in the Shang dynasty.

Many factors contributed to ancient Chinese clothing, including beliefs, religion, wars, and the emperor’s personal preferences.

Hanfu: Han Chinese Traditional Clothing
Qing dynasty’s clothing mostly called Qizhuang/Manfu

What I mean by the Qing dynasty hanfu in the video is: the Xiapei style (which Xiapei has existed before the Qing dynasty) in the Qing dynasty

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