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Ancient China Women Tube Top

Moxiong (Chinese: 抹胸 ; pinyin: mǒ xiōng), is an undergarment worn by women with hanfu.

Moxiong plays the same role as a bra, but is longer, covering the stomach as well.

Moxiong models have changed throughout history.

Moxiong hails from the Tang dynasty and its origins are related to the imperial consort of the Tang dynasty, Yang Guifei.

Moxiong is also used as a clothing accessory in the qixiong ruqun, a combination of Tang dynasty clothing sometimes referred to as heziqun.

Moxiong was popular, especially in the Tang, Song, and Ming dynasties.

During the Song dynasty, moxiong was often worn under the beizi.

There is a source that stated that this underwear was called hezi (Chinese: 诃子 ; pinyin: hē zǐ) during the Tang dynasty, and called moxiong during the Song dynasty.

This accessory garment item bears a resemblance to the dudou of the Qing dynasty but is not of the same construction and design.

This moxiong/hezi is a hanfu underwear item that was revived in the 21st century after the hanfu movement.

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