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Hello, back with drawing fanart of these three Jianghu friends again.

C-Drama: Heroes / 说英雄谁是英雄
Cast: Zeng Shunxi, Yang Chaoyue & Liu Yuning

qotd: What drink makes you feel comfortable after studying or work?

How are you? Hope everyone’s been well. When I’m busy studying or working, I like to snack by drinking hot tea, hot ginger, or cold milk, according to the weather. It is very rare to drink something that tastes strong to me, I prefer to drink plain water. But sometimes I drink as a self-reward for myself because I’m tired of studying/working. So, don’t forget to give yourself self-reward often, even if it’s from a small thing.

Hmm, that’s it for today. Hope you have a nice day!!

ivoci - Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Wuxia Drama Scene Fan Art - 1

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