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ivoci - Chinese Modern Valentine's Day: 520, May 20 - 1

What is a modern tradition? Modern traditions are traditions that exist or arise in modern times. As it turns out, in China, there are 3 modern traditions of celebrating Valentine’s Day, namely: White Valentine’s Day, Singles Day, and Wǔ-èr líng / 520.

These Three Chinese Valentines Days appeared in modern times, these celebrations show that Chinese people often dedicate time to their loved ones throughout the year.

— May 20, or 520 (in Chinese, pronounced as wǔ meaning five and èr-líng meaning 2-0) was popularized by Chinese internet netizens. Therefore, it is generally celebrated by millennial Chinese youth. “Wǔ-èr líng” also sounds a bit like wo ai ni, which means “I love you” in Chinese. If you are in love with a Chinese or an Asian, May 20 will be another opportunity to show your love to your loved one with a gift or a romantic evening.

— Chinese White Valentine’s Day falls on March 14, exactly one month after Valentine’s Day in the West. This day is also celebrated in several Asian countries, such as Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam. White Valentine’s Day is celebrated with women giving gifts to their men after men giving gifts to the women on February 14.

— November 11 (11/11) was originally declared as singles day, but double elevens can also be connoted as a couple. As it is also the biggest shopping day of the year in China, the couple took advantage of the promo and turned the day into Chinese Valentine’s Day to pamper their loved ones by showering them with gifts!

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