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ivoci - Modern Chinese Wedding Gift Ideas: Custom Wedding Illustrations - 1

If you’ve been invited to a Chinese-American wedding, you might be wondering why there isn’t a wedding registry. You might be scratching your head trying to think of what Chinese wedding gifts to buy for the newlyweds. You are not alone.

As Chinese and Western cultures continue to blend and influence each other, besides gifting red envelopes and jewelry, some modern gift options have become more acceptable for Chinese weddings. Kitchen items, bedding, and home decor are some of the popular types of modern Chinese wedding gifts.

1. Custom Chopsticks

Custom chopsticks are an ideal and auspicious wedding gift. They represent happiness and abundance in the family. Chopsticks in Chinese are “筷子” (“kuài zi”), which sounds very similar to the word ‘happiness’ in Chinese “快乐” ( “kuài lè”).

Thus, giving chopsticks to the couple represents giving them happiness. They can also be used as practical utensils and/or special home decor.

2. Tea Set

A Chinese tea set is another popular modern wedding gift. A tea set inscribed with auspicious proverbs such as “百年好合”(ever-lasting marriage) or the dragon and phoenix symbol makes for an appropriate wedding tea set gift. If you know that the couple is also a fan of drinking tea, then a delicate tea set could be a thoughtful wedding gift for them.

3. Silk Bedding

Silk bedding is a romantic and luxurious gift for the groom and bride. Silk is a high-quality and comfortable fabric that can help the couple sleep well. Since it is also a durable material, silk bedding is a durable gift that the couple can enjoy for a long time.

4. Jade Home Decor

Jade home decor is not only elegant to display but also an important Fengshui item that creates positive energy. With that said, a piece of jade home decor would be the perfect wedding gift for a newlywed couple to put in their new home. Different jade carvings embody different meanings. For wedding gifts, mandarin ducks and flowers are usually the most popular choice since they symbolize love and wealth.

5. Custom Wedding Illustration

Custom wedding illustrations are digital gifts that are currently popular. The illustration of a couple in a wedding dress with a cute drawing style, besides being unique, can also be kept forever as a keepsake. You can also print this custom wedding illustration on frames, mugs, clothes, hats, and more.

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