Hello, happy Thursday! What are you doing today? Going to school/work? Today I want to review some school materials. But first, I’ll share this. A few days ago I drew a picture of a pavilion in the garden. Just took a photo yesterday and post it now. You can see in the picture, there is a pavilion, the background is in the garden, and there are some rocks and trees around it. The setting is night and there is a full moon.

Fyi: Pavilions are commonly found in royal/imperial palaces, in courtyards/gardens, and public places. The pavilion in the royal/imperial palace serves as a place where members of the royal family have fun, relax, and hold events. The pavilion in the yard/garden also serves as a place to relax and have fun. Pavilions in public areas serve as small shelters that are usually built on the side of the road or garden as a resting place for travelers.

Ivoci - Relax In The Pavilion - 1

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