Why Do You Need A Logo For Your Business?

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— Logo as a tool to compete with competitors

With a logo in your business, it makes the difference between the business you run and your competitors, a logo that looks unique and elegant will be preferred by consumers because consumers think a good logo is a form of good company performance too.

— A logo is part of branding

A good brand must have a good logo too, because the logo is the first seen by potential consumers, thus potential consumers are interested in the brand.

Logos are also able to create a picture/illustration related to a product, such as a clothing fragrance product that has a red or purple logo that creates an image that the product is very fragrant.

— Logo as business identity

This is the form of the main function of a logo, namely as business identity, why is that? Because a unique and good logo can be easily remembered by potential consumers, for that logo can establish a good relationship between the business and potential customers or customers.

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