What is Graphic Design?

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What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is an art form to solves communication problems through a combination of graphic elements such as shapes, lines, colors, and so on. The visuals created are expected to be a means of delivering information or messages clearly and effectively, even being able to shape human perception of a thing.

These forms of graphic design are created by graphic designers who specialize in interpreting messages through images.

In other words, a graphic designer is a visual communicator who creates visual concepts manually or by using computer software.

They communicate their ideas to inspire and inform a message through visual art which includes pictures, writing, and graphics.

Graphic design comes from two words, namely design and graphics.

Design is an aesthetic design method based on creativity, while graphics is the science of designing points and lines so that they will form an image that can provide information and relate to the printing process.

So we can conclude that graphic design is a science that relies on creativity to create an image design with the ultimate goal of printing.

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