7 Powerful Strategies to Strengthen Brands

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In addition to companies or organizations, these methods can also be implemented for freelancers to increase their selling power.

1. State the Purpose Behind Your Brand

Previously it was mentioned that the solution you promised through a product is a form of branding. However, promises are not enough to form an image that can create an impact on society. Moreover, many companies have done it. The brand promise is the uniqueness of the brand that you want to use to attract the attention of potential customers. On the other hand, brand purpose is the mission you want to carry with your business.

2. Maintain Brand Consistency

One of the traits of a business that lasts a long time is consistency — in everything, including colors, ideas, logo design, and style. Why? The harmony found in a brand will form a positive perception in people’s minds. Apart from that, it also makes your business more memorable.

A simple example is a restaurant. The menu served is fairly good, so you become a customer after trying it once. However, the quality of the food decreases after a few times you dine there. If this happens, of course, you are disappointed, right?

In the above case, the incident could have been avoided if the kitchen crew had standards to maintain the quality of their work.

The lessons from these examples can also apply to your business. However, the application is slightly different. In addition to product quality needs to be maintained, consistency must also be applied to the marketing media. This is done to avoid confusion among your customers. Especially if your business has many direct competitors.

3. Have a Website

A company’s branding business can be said to be incomplete without the existence of a website.

Why websites? In a Verisign study, 88 percent of companies agreed that having a website made it easier for consumers to find them. This is because the buyer’s habits have changed. Now, 82 percent of them search for the desired product or service on the internet.

Many small and medium businesses have managed to build their success with the help of websites.

As additional information, you do not have to always use the website as an online store. You can just use it as a company profile that displays the products or services offered.

Importantly, your business website has content that is easy to understand and showcases your brand’s uniqueness. Without forgetting, your website design must follow the predetermined brand standards.

4. Build Closeness Between Consumers

Psychologists Roy Baumeister and Mark Leary mention that closeness to others is one of the basic human psychological needs.

The concept of proximity can be used to enhance the positive image of a business. The way this is implemented varies, but the most common is through the user community.

5. Integrate Customer Service Staff with Brand Standards

96 percent of consumers think that the presence or absence of customer service affects their loyalty to a brand. In other words, customer service is also a factor that enhances the quality of your brand — whatever the field.

However, you need to make sure the customer service staff is fully aware of the brand standards that have been created. If your brand prioritizes friendliness and formality in serving customers, then all customer service agents must have these characteristics.

This can be achieved by conducting an intensive brand standards orientation of your employees. If done, the consistency of your brand will be well maintained.

6. Appreciate Customers

Maybe your brand already has loyal customers. Some of these consumers may not only buy your product or use your service but also recommend it and review it online.

So that loyalty does not fade, you need to express gratitude to customers who give more appreciation. Well, several ways can be done to show it.

The point system is one of them. The concept is simple: every purchase of a product or use of a service will earn you one point. When a customer manages to collect a certain number of points, he is entitled to a prize. It can take various forms, from physical gifts to discount vouchers. Maybe you’ve seen a similar system at a particular supermarket or store.

Another example is a thank you note. Although it sounds trivial, an expression of appreciation shows that your brand cares about the existence of its customers.

In addition, you can also give an expression of gratitude when the number of consumers or users has reached a certain number. Examples can besee in the Trello celebration email below, which was given when the project management app already had 10 million users.

7. Pay Attention to Competitors

To know what you can do to make a brand more unique than others, you have to know their tactics. What’s more, you don’t want to use a brand strategy that is too similar to your competitor’s and confuse your target market.

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