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Welcome back to ivoci’s draw and talk session. I will share about qixiong ruqun.

ivoci - Chinese Tang Dynasty Hanfu Drawing - 1

Qixiong ruqun (Hanzi: 齐胸襦裙 ; pinyin: qí xiōng rú qún), also known as Qixiong shanqun (Hanzi: 齐胸衫裙 ; pinyin: qí xiōng shān qún) also known as “chest-high ruqun” is one a set of hanfu, traditional Chinese clothing worn by Han Chinese people.

Qixiong ruqun is one of the models of ruqun (Hanzi: 襦裙 ; pinyin: rú qún).

Qun used in qixiong ruqun is generally tied above the breast.

This garment was worn by women during the Sui dynasty, Tang dynasty, and the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period.

This style of clothing is also often worn back in the early and middle of Ming dynasty.

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